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Twist and pin dreadlocks

What you’ll need to twist and pin dreadlocks


Instructions for twist and pin dreadlocks

  1. Use a comb to section your hair. You can use rubberbands to hold the sections.
  2. Apply wax or dread cream to hair and twist the hair tightly.
  3. Use a hair pin or clip to hold the twist so it doesn’t unravel.
  4. You can use a hair bag dryer to set the twists. Use a hair cap when you are sleeping to hold the twist together. If any of the twist fall apart add cream to them and re-twist them.

Loomed Dreadlocks

What you’ll need to make Loomed Dreadlocks


Loomed Dreadlocks instructions

  1. You can buy the loomed dreads at a store or online.
  2. Just attach the loomed dread at the root of your hair and your ready to go.
  3. You can use wax to hold down the loose hairs on the dread.

Industrial dreadlocks

What you’ll need to make Industrial Dreadlocks


Industrial Dreadlocks instructions

  1. You can use the backcombing, dread perm, twisting, dread braiding, silky dreads, or loomed dreads method to start these dreadlocks.
  2. You can attach the wire through the middle of the dread, to make it less noticeable, or you can wrap the wire around the outside of the dread for a more unique look.

Silky Dreads

What you’ll need to make Silky Dreadlocks


Silky Dreadlocks instructions

  1. Section the hair into sections that are 1 inch by 1 inch. You can use rubberbands or clips to hold the sections while you finish sectioning off the rest of your hair.
  2. Once you are finished sectioning all of your hair. Take the rubberband off one of the sections. Section the hair into 3 different sections, add the synthetic hair to one of the sections. Leave enough synthetic hair laying out, the hair should be at least three times as long as your want your dreadlocks to be. Braid the hair and the synthetic hair down to the tip and add a rubberband.
  3. Once you are finished with the braid and you have put a rubberband on the tip wrap the extra synthetic hair around the braid until you reach the tip and put a tight rubberband at the tip. Add a little wax to the dread to smooth down the frizz’s hairs.
  4. Repeat step 3 with the rest of your sections.

Making Dreadlocks from braids

What you’ll need to make dreadlocks from Braids


Dread Braid instructions

  1. Use elastics to section your hair off into sections that are about an inch in diameter.
  2. Remove the rubber band from the section and make a tight braid to the end of the hair.
  3. Put a rubber band on the root and the tip.
  4. Continue this routine throughout your entire head.
  5. You need to palm roll the braids as much as you can to get the hair to lock up.

Freeform Dreadlocks

What you’ll need to make Freeform dreadlocks


Neglect or Freeform Dreadlocks instructions

This one is really easy, just do nothing, stop combing your hair. You can and still should wash your hair, but it is optional.

Dread Perm

What you’ll need to make dreadlocks with a Dread Perm


Dread Perm instructions

Go to the salon, they will take care of everything.

Twist and Rip Dreadlocks

What you’ll need to make twist and rip dreadlocks


Twist and Rip dreadlocks instructions

  1. While washing your hair rub your hair in a clockwise motion flat against your head, you can switch hands, but make sure you continue in the same clockwise motion.
  2. Let your hair dry, and then rip the giant knot apart into sections.
  3. Take each section, twist it, wax it, and then palm roll it. Continue these steps everyday until the sections have formed. With this method you wash your hair everyday. You can put rubber bands where you want the sections to be, so you can keep up with them everyday. You will form dreads in about 4 months.

Brush Rubbing Dreadlocks

What you’ll need to make dreadlocks by brush rubbing


Brush rubbing dreadlocks instructions

You can go to a salon, or do this yourself. I recommend doing it yourself, because you’ll save a lot of money. Rub the soft bristle brush in a clockwise motion. Rub about an inch at a time, you will start to see little sections of balls forming. After you have rubbed your entire head, use a small amount of wax on each little ball. You can use a hair dryer to melt the wax into your new little dreads.

Twisting Dreadlocks

What you’ll need to make dreadlocks with the twisting method


Instructions for twisting dreadlocks

You can start right now! Just section off your hair, you can use the rubber bands to start your sections, and start twisting each section. After you have twisted a section, wax, and you can put a rubber band on the tip, but it is optional, and you probably don’t need to. If you can wait until your dreads lock up before you wash them it would be great but if you need to wash, be very careful, because the dreads are very delicate until they lock up. You might want wax and put rubber bands on the tips before you wash to help hold the hair together.