Silky Dreads

What you’ll need to make Silky Dreadlocks


Silky Dreadlocks instructions

  1. Section the hair into sections that are 1 inch by 1 inch. You can use rubberbands or clips to hold the sections while you finish sectioning off the rest of your hair.
  2. Once you are finished sectioning all of your hair. Take the rubberband off one of the sections. Section the hair into 3 different sections, add the synthetic hair to one of the sections. Leave enough synthetic hair laying out, the hair should be at least three times as long as your want your dreadlocks to be. Braid the hair and the synthetic hair down to the tip and add a rubberband.
  3. Once you are finished with the braid and you have put a rubberband on the tip wrap the extra synthetic hair around the braid until you reach the tip and put a tight rubberband at the tip. Add a little wax to the dread to smooth down the frizz’s hairs.
  4. Repeat step 3 with the rest of your sections.

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