Dread Balling Loose Hair on Dreadlocks

Dreadballing is a great way to take care of loose hairs at the roots.

How to Dread Ball:

  • make sure the hair is clean.
  • gather the loose hairs and start rolling them into a ball.
  • once the ball is knotted up push the ball into the dread using a Dread Tool.
  • then clockwise rub and twist the root for a couple minutes to attach the ball to the rest of the dread.
  • put a rubberband around the root where the dread ball is, make sure the rubberband isn’t to tight, just snug.


How can I use dread balling to tighten my roots?

You can use dread balling to get rid of loose hairs at the roots by balling the hair into a knot and then pulling the Dread Ball into the center of the dread using a Dread Tool


How can I use dread balling to keep my roots separated?

Dread balling will help you keep your roots separated by getting rid of loose hairs that would normally dread in with other dreads and cause dreads to grow together.


Why cant I just cut the loose hair?

Cutting the loose hairs only takes care of the problem for a short period of time, the hairs will grow back and they will still be loose hairs among your dreads. The best thing to do is just take care of the problem, dread ball those lil’ bastards and get on with your life.

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