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Backcombing Dreadlocks

What you’ll need to backcomb dreadlocks


Instructions for backcombing dreadlocks

  1. Wash your hair with a residue free shampoo, and let it (air dry or you can blow dry it)
  2. If you want to have clean sections of dreads now is the time to do it. You don’t have to have sections but I recommend it because then you wont have any surprises (like a dread the size of your palm or one that’s ΒΌ inch). If you want a clean squared look check out the head graph image. If you want a more random look I still recommend sectioning, but you can just grab random sections and band them off. Use the rubber bands to put the hair in sections, don’t make the rubber band tight around the hair, because you are going to remove it before you backcomb, so just make it tight enough to hold the section. Remember that the amount of hair in the section determines how big the dread will be 1 inch by 1 inch is about average size to make dreads, also keep in mind that thick hair will make bigger dreads and thin hair will make thinner dreads.
  3. Now for the exciting part! Let’s start off in the back, because if there is an accident it’s easy to cover up. Take off the rubber band, start at the root and push the hair towards the scalp. It is very important that you do not push to much hair up at a time or you will have loops in your dreads. A little tip that I like when backcombing is twisting. What you do is twist the hair and then backcomb through the twist, the hair will stay in the knots a lot easier, you can also half way braid the hair, and what I mean by this is start off like you are going to braid but only go over once or twice and then backcomb through it. When you start the dread the hair might not look like it’s knotting, but don’t worry, this is normal, sometimes it takes a couple strokes to get started.
  4. After you have backcombed that section, rubber band the tip and root, and wax it. Then start on the next section. I recommend finishing the entire back before moving to the front, because by the time you get to the front you will be a pro!