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My dreads are shrinking? What's up with that?

Don't worry about that, it's normal for dreads to shrink right before they lock up. It means that all the hair in the dreads is finally locking up. You will soon start to get your length back and your dreads will get thicker!

How do I get rid of loops?

You should use the crocheting method. Just thread the dread through the loop and pull it through, kind of like sewing.

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What will the rubber band do at the end of the dread?

The rubber band at the tip is used to help keep the dreads together when they are new and it helps the tip lock up once the dreads are tight.

How long should I keep the rubber band at the end of my dread?

If it is just a regular rubber band then you should just leave it there until it falls off, but if it is one of those super Scunci elastics then it will never fall off, you should take it off after three months.


Can I use elastics?

Elastics are really good for dreads, they help the dreads form the way you want them to and keep loose hairs in. And if you palm roll them while you have them in it will actually dread the hair.


How can I tighten my dreads?

Use the clockwise rubbing technique.

The best way to tighten them is to palm roll them. Palm rolling has amazing affects on tightening the middle of dreads.

Use the tip rounding technique.