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* Products are rated on a star scale from 1-10. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

* Scents are an objective thing, so rather than judging the products by our own taste we are just saying what the scent is and whether the product leaves a scent behind.


Dr Bronner's    Shampoo

Scent left behind: Yes
Dr. Bronner's has many different scents to choose from. You have the option of diluting the soap or applying it at full strength.


It does leave a very noticeable scented residue behind that you can feel on your hands and dreads. While the residue left behind is not as bad as bar soap residue, it doesn't have the advantages of a residue free shampoo.


Ease of use:

It's a liquid shampoo, so that makes is easier to apply in the places you need it. It also has a cap top which makes it easy to open with one hand. The main problem this shampoo has is that the scent is so strong you pretty much so have to dilute it before you can use it.


Dr Bronner's has many different scented shampoos, each one needs to be diluted before use. My big problem with this shampoo is the scent. It's so strong that if you use it in an enclosed room or shower and don't dilute it first, you feel like it's going to knock you out.

Price per ounce: 16 oz bottle $.83 per oz.
Overall Rating: