Which wax should I use on straight hair?

There are many different products out on the market that say they are intended for dreadlocking hair, but that does not mean that they actually work. Any wax that has the ingredient of petroleum is bad for your dreads, it will make your dreads feel nasty and it will make your dreads fall apart. There are 3 waxes that are appropriate for dreadlocking hair:

1. DreadHeadHQ wax
2.Knotty Boy

1. DreadHeadHQ – this is my favorite wax. It has a really strong hold but it’s not overbearing or greasy and it washes out in warm water.

2. Knotty Boy – this wax is pretty good over all. Decent hold. Its main problem is that it’s greasier than it needs to be and the hold, while long lasting, isn’t that strong. I also think the smell of their wax is a bit much. At first I was like mmm yummy, but after a week or so I was like sick to my tummy.

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