What are some good products that work on thick hair?

There are two types of thick hair.
1. Hair strands that are thick and
2. Thick hair because you have a lot of hair.

If you have thick hair strands you will have more of a problem keeping the knots together in the hair. The only wax that has a strong enough hold to hold this hair type is DreadHead waxKnotty Boy wax will work but it does not have a strong enough hold to hold the hair together and let it dread.

If you have thick hair made of a lot of hair strands you won’t have much of a problem with your dreads forming or locking up. You can use DreadHead wax or Knotty Boy wax with this hair type, although I do recommend the DreadHead wax over the Knotty Boy because the Knotty Boy leaves a greasier feel behind.

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