Is it hard to get a job with dreadlocks?

I haven’t had a problem with getting a job. But I’m in fashion design, so most people expect me to look different. As long as you go in with a positive attitude, nice clothes, and don’t live in a close-minded town you shouldn’t have too much of a problem. Sometimes, when I first meet people they have this idea that I am a drug using, problem causing, antisocial person, but then I talk to them and they loosen up and find out that I am not what they thought. The key is, don’t take offense and jump on them with anger, realize that you are more open-minded then they are, and show them that you are a great person, with an awesome personality. You might have more of a problem if you were in real estate or something where first impressions and clean-cut people are important. You should check out the book Don’t Worry, Be NAPPY! How To Grow Dreadlocks In America And Still Get Everything You WANT!

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